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Nutrients - Other Considerations

Plants need to have fresh nutrients available for healthy growth. Ensuring regular reservoir changes every week is essential. pH and electro conductivity should be checked while mixing the nutrient solution. The electro conductivity reading will help determine the amount of dissolved nutrients, the higher the value the more likely you are to burn your plants. The pH reading will help in maintaining pH levels that will enable plants to absorb the nutrients.

If your uncertain when or how much of a certain nutrient to use, always check the nutrient's feeding chart. When in doubt always use less nutrient than recommended. You can always add. Too much will burn your plant. 
Leaching or rinsing should be carried out one week prior to harvest. This process removes excess salts from your plants. Botanicare Clearex and General Hydroponics FloraKleen are two excellent choices.
Keeping a gardening journal will help in avoiding mistakes and establish pointers to the right course of action. Making journal entries regularly will, in the course of time, help build up a veritable treasure trove of valuable information on various aspects of nutrients, pH, EC, etc.