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Nutrient Types

Plants require two types of nutrients for healthy growth -- macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients. Plants use macro-nutrients in large amounts while micro-nutrients are required in trace amounts. The following is a list of macro and micro-nutrients and their functional importance in plant growth:

~ Carbon: Formation of organic compounds

~ Oxygen: Release of energy from sugar

~ Hydrogen: Water formation

~ Nitrogen: Chlorophyll, amino acids, proteins synthesis

~ Phosphorus: Vital for photosynthesis and growth

~ Potassium: Enzyme activity, sugar and starch formation

~ Calcium: Cell growth and division, component of cell wall

~ Magnesium: Component of chlorophyll, enzyme activation

~ Sulfur: Formation of amino acids and proteins


~ Boron: Vital for reproduction

~ Chlorine: Helps root growth

~ Copper: Enzyme activation

~ Iron: Used in Photosynthesis

~ Manganese: Component of chlorophyll, enzyme activation

~ Sodium: Vital for water movement

~ Zinc: Component of enzymes and auxins

~ Molybdenum: Nitrogen fixation

~ Nickel: Nitrogen liberation

~ Cobalt: Nitrogen fixation

~ Silicon: Cell wall toughness